7 reasons why living walls are a must for commercial spaces

Architecture & Interior

Not only do living walls look lovely and exciting, but they also have an amazing history and many stories to tell to their beholders. For this reason, today we talk about all the important reasons why the owners of hospitality objects and other commercial spaces should consider implementing living walls in their working areas. Just look at the interior of this Juice Bar in New York Salt & Water studio recently designed so you`ll get an insight into what we are talking about.

1. Living walls have a great psychological impact on people

The vertical gardening system might seem like a modern-age idea, but it is actually nothing new. Remember The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? The ones the great ruler Nebuchadnezzar II built for his wife Queen Amytis because she missed the magnificent landscapes of her homeland? Well, all the vertical gardens today, no matter how big or small they are, serve the same purpose. They are there to draw our attention to something beautiful and natural and remind us that there are still bigger things in life than our every day worries.


2. Living walls can make every place more pleasant

We can`t promise you a completely stress-free environment once you put greenery inside your working space or a restaurant, but there will be positive changes, for sure. It is safe to say people will enjoy this corner of the world a bit longer than they usually do, or even use it as a shelter from everyday worries.

3. Living walls can sharpen your senses

It is scientifically proven that natural elements of the interior that we can feel, smell or even hear can have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. By absorbing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen, vertical gardens are doing us a huge favor, which is especially important in busy places like coffee shops and offices.

4. Living walls look amazing

It is true. Just look around and you will see living walls of such a beauty it can take your breath away. Of course, there are gorgeous horizontal gardens all around the world, but vertical ones really are something special. When inside, they are usually the most charming part of the room. They can turn a simple wall or minimalistic space into a unique piece of art.


5. Living walls are an important environmental weapon

As Patrick Blanc, the “godfather” of living walls said in his book “The Vertical Garden”, at a time when over half of humanity lives in cities, we need to show that nature can find expression in our urban environment. Green walls are there to remind people how much we need nature in our lives and that those beautiful installations have a higher purpose than being just a nice ornament. Believe it or not, we humans need to be reminded of things that keep us alive.

6. Living walls have a story of their own

We don`t call them “living walls” just for the sake of it. All of these magnificent vertical gardens have lives of their own. They live and breathe and grow just as we do, and who knows what kind of magic happens in those little green corners hidden from our sight. This is one of the many reasons why urban gardening can be so fun and exciting.

7. Living walls remind us that it is nice to take care of someone

As said above, plants in the living walls are very much alive and breathing and, therefore, in need of our help. Taking care of something (or someone) is often fulfilling, and it is easy to apply that idea in a commercial space filled with beautiful plants where employees can all work together in order to nurture their green friend. In other words, this is what we talk about when we talk about healthy motivation at work.


Pictured above is the cute little Juice Bar in New York we designed per our client`s request. While serving only 100% natural juices and salads, this place is imagined as an oasis in the usually overexciting part of one of the biggest cities in the world. The minimalistic style and bright color scheme are in an obvious contrast to the breathtaking green wall which makes a powerful impression on anyone who steps inside this bar. Can you even imagine how dull this place would seem without this big fuzzy living statue? Yup. That`s what we`re talking about.