Salt & Water is a design studio specialised in yacht interior design and houseboats, with an extensive portfolio in home and office interior, too.

Get a thoughtful design that harmonises your lifestyle with all the natural elements around you.

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Science has proven that the space we live & work in affects our wellbeing

Studies show that being around “blue and green spaces” increases blood flow to our brains, levels of Vitamin D and happiness hormones. In other words, the right environment protects and heals.

When we talk about yacht interior design, home and office design, we consider sustainable materials, lighting, colours and harness the natural potential of the space.

The result you get is the feeling of serenity, contentment and being at peace with yourself and your surroundings.


Functional interior and exterior design starts with harmony

Designing your yacht, home or office interior is an agreement between the potential of the space and your vision.

We start off with a deep analysis of your emotional needs, mindset and lifestyle. Then we explore the samples, textures and trends.

In the end, we turn conversations into functional, elegant, intimate spaces.


    Our work in yacht, aircraft interior and industrial design has been recognised worldwide

    Get your yacht interior designed by people who spent many hours on water

    From academic specialisations in yacht design and construction, to competitive sailing experience and time spent as a judge on international regattas, we know what yacht owners and their guests want to feel.

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    Salt & Water knows what it means to design a subtle and elegant, yet functional yacht interior that stuns people with refined taste.

    Nikša, captain of a yacht



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    A Micro-Renovation Story: Crafting the Perfect Bar for Motor Yacht Joy Me

    The motor yacht Joy Me was designed to be unique and deeply personal, reflecting the owner’s taste and creating an interior with many dimensions. Each space within the yacht was treated as a separate entity with its own atmosphere, emotions, and philosophy. Our task was clear: the client wanted to update the yacht’s salon, specifically the central bar. The existing bar, with its white color and simple, square geometry, did not align with the client’s vision. The client desired a new bar that would visually enhance the space and become a focal point, blending seamlessly with the existing elements of…


    June 20, 2024

    Superyacht Summit Adria 2024: A Month Later and We’re Still Talking About It

    A month after the Superyacht Summit Adria 2024 concluded, we still share experiences and impressions. If you didn’t have the chance to attend, here’s an opportunity to find out how it went at this premiere event, on April 18th in Split. April this year on the Adriatic did not boast the best weather conditions, but that didn’t stop the nautical industry from flourishing with events. There were so many that careful planning was required to attend them all. I chose to participate in the Superyacht Summit Adria, held for the first time in Split. The organizers were the same team…


    June 5, 2024

    Why Documentation is Super Important in Yacht Interior Design

    In the complex world of yacht interior design, where every detail contributes to the overall ambiance, documentation is a quiet champion. Often overshadowed by the glamour of the final product, documentation plays a pivotal role in steering the course of a project toward success. Let’s dive into why documentation isn’t just important but essential in yacht interior design.   For Communication: Documentation acts as the guiding light, providing clarity and direction for designers, contractors, and clients throughout the project’s journey.  It ensures everyone is on the same page, facilitating effective communication and preventing misunderstandings.  By serving as a comprehensive reference…


    May 20, 2024

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