Restaurant Interior Design – Mongolian barbeque

It was an unusual pleasure to do a restaurant interior design for a client from another side of the world. We created the inside part of the object for enjoying Asian food, covering at the same time both the aesthetic and practical side.


The flow in this Asian restaurant

The object is a classical Asian restaurant where guests pay for the service at the cash register and afterward choose the ingredients for their meals. Then they go to the grill, where the chef prepares the meal in front of their eyes.


The grill represents the central and crucial part of the restaurant. On the other hand, the cash register is put aside. We did that according to our client’s wish. He wanted this restaurant to be a modern, unique, simple, and authentic place. With their meal prepared, guests choose the table. The dining room has three parts, and guests can use the private dining room, the regular or high bar chairs.


The most eye-captivating detail in the restaurant is the carefully chosen lights. We chose these small colorful chandeliers the size of candles because they represent fire, one of the most meaningful symbols in Asian culture. Aside from that, we believe they offer intimate atmosphere guests will appreciate.


Due to the space geometry, our design is practical and clean. The natural light comes only from the entrance – that is why all the walls are in neutral shades.


Our challenge was to find quality replacements, easy to maintain, for natural materials. We also needed to make enough space for staff as it was a must for our client. The result is a restaurant that is a pleasure for both mouth and eye.