Carpet Pattern for LawArche in Dubai

Architecture & Interior

Residents of the LawArche office in Dubai are specialized in all fields of legal training. Not many employees spend their full working hours in the office. Regardless, due to the nature of their work and their professional success, a vast number of people walk throughout the small office on a daily basis.

Design Challenges

With all of this in mind, we at Salt & Water studio had to create a small but contemporary office with a few secluded working areas, a practical foyer, and a big meeting room. A great challenge many designers face when working on this type of project is the risk of making a functional yet expressionless workspace that serves its purpose but lacks any kind of a unique mark.


Ready-Made Solutions

Since the time frame for design and renovation was very limited, we decided to use only ready-made items such as simple office panels, retail furniture, and carpeting. It was that last element we decided to rely on in order to make a quirky little office. This is why we had to choose exceptional flooring which would reflect not only the professional but also the overall positive vibe of this place.

The Challenge of Office Carpeting

Choosing the right office carpet is always a challenge. Besides the fact that this is a completely different kind of tapestry than the one we would choose for our home, the office flooring always comes with some special requirements. For instance, it has to be durable, resistant to many changes, and many people moving around daily. This is another reason why we think it is smart to invest in removable carpet tiles.


Practical and Playful Design

The carpet pattern used in the LawArche office is playful, yet very simple and practical. If needed, every single tile can be taken off and replaced, which makes this kind of flooring even more durable. Considering the office is located in Dubai, the city of the future and its breathtaking architecture,  we have played around with different layouts and color schemes intended for the office, and eventually picked our very favorite nautical imagery.

As one noted, the main objective of such flooring design is the concept of collaboration and a place where people gather to learn together. Now, these concepts are realized through design. We couldn`t agree more.