Modern apartment with an amazing view in Switzerland

Architecture & Interior

Every once in a while comes a client who knows exactly what he or she wants. This is one of those stories.

The Client’s Vision

Last month we got a call from two clients, a married couple who loved the previous work of the Salt & Water studio and decided to hire us to design the living room and kitchen in their new apartment in Switzerland. The apartment building is settled on the magnificent little lake whose everlasting beauty is capturing the eyes of the beholder. This is the reason why our new customers’ main request was to keep the magnificent overview of the lake undisturbed.

Achieving a Modern Look

Yet, these customers wanted to achieve a mind-blowing modern look and, therefore, they let us play around with furniture, light, and geometry of the place. The apartment is 133 square meters in size and it was a sincere pleasure to design it because an object of this type and size provides such an amazing feeling of freedom. Before we started working on the layout, there was an already existing kitchen with a dark floor which served as a starting point in designing.


Creating an Impressive Space

Another important condition we had to keep in mind is the fact that our clients didn`t want this area of the apartment to have a basic, homey feel. They needed a neat and impressive room with a jaw-dropping effect since they run a family business and frequently bring their collaborators over for laid-back meetings.

Client’s Specific Requirements

We want this apartment to be a frame of a fabulous overview of the lake, like an extension of the surroundings. All pieces of furniture have to be in perfect harmony, yet they shouldn`t be demanding and too eye-catching. We would like clean lines with a few carefully chosen details which will make this space interesting and comfortable. It would be amazing to see all the free space in rooms flow as an unbreakable whole– they explained.


We believe this design served justice to all their requests and now we can`t wait to see how our final design came to life. It was an utmost privilege to work with clients with such a specific and modern taste who are open to new ideas.