Modern Flat for a Young Couple in King’s Park

Clients wanted a modern flat, with simple lines. In the living room, it was necessary to design a sitting area for a larger group of friends, as well as a comfortable area for watching movies.


The wallpaper in pastel colors and azure curtains add color and brightness to space. The client’s wish to have a bench for reading or working on a laptop at the window level defined the furniture geometry in the living room, and then in the rest of the apartment. Furniture and wall coverings with straight lines on unusual angles give the whole space a unique look, impressive and recognizable.


We designed a huge amount of storage space in the kitchen, up to the ceiling, and completely closed it. The working surface turns into a bar for two people, in case our clients want to have a quick meal. The long hallway is covered with mirrors that visually expand it. The head of the bed is designed in black and white triangles and is the main visual element of the bedroom, complemented by curtains of the same geometry.


We added a large number of closets in the whole apartment so the owners can have enough space for storage.