Impressive Spacious Duplex with a View

This newly constructed duplex offers an impressive view of the city and mountains, with a concept that emphasizes the use of textures and abundant natural light to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The goal of the project for our long-term client was to create a modern apartment with ample storage space that is also comfortable and functional for daily living. The lower level features a large space that combines the kitchen, dining room, living room, and workspace, as well as a separate bedroom with a walk-in closet, guest room, laundry room, and two bathrooms.

The upper level houses another living room, a spacious terrace, and a pool designed for relaxation.

The focus was on natural tones to create a dynamic and attractive color scheme throughout the space.

The entrance hall is carefully designed and provides a unique experience upon entering the home, with a combination of dark mirrors and butterfly-shaped stone imitations that emphasize the pathway to the upper level while creating a visual impression.

Built-in closets for clothes and shoes, as well as a table for keys and bags, are discreetly located at the entrance, contributing to the organization of the space without compromising the overall aesthetic perception.

The design of the entire space creates a unique harmony that can be felt in every part of the apartment. The highlighted ceiling with wooden panels is particularly attractive and invites visitors to explore the space further.

The living area is designed as the central part of the home, with a connected kitchen area rounded out in matte black artificial stone.

The kitchen island and an eight-person dining table are positioned in front of this area, providing two different dining options – a minibar and a dining table – which offer more options for shared gatherings and enjoying meals.

In the living room, one part is dedicated to relaxation and leisure with a TV or fireplace, while the other is designed for work and study with a mini workspace and a library.

The master bedroom is designed with a focus on details, including interesting wall coverings that give it a unique look and character.

This room features a vanity table for beautification and a walk-in closet, providing practicality and functionality in one place.

The master bathroom is designed to create an intriguing contrast between black and white, achieving an incredible visual effect.

Tiles with pronounced texture particularly emphasize the structure of the space, creating a sense of depth and airiness. The combination of a bathtub and a shower enclosure provides users with a choice.

The second bathroom is also decorated in a similar style to the master bathroom, with the same shades. However, the tile structure is more subdued, giving the space a calmer atmosphere. This bathroom is ideal for guests but can also be used as a powder room.

The guest room and the grandchild’s room are in a teal blue color and wooden tones, creating a sense of warmth in both spaces.

A special detail on the wall is the artwork that can be seen here, as well as in several rooms, in agreement with the clients to achieve the desired look in the overall interior.

The upper level of the duplex represents a harmonious combination of wood and stone textures used to achieve a connection with the lower level.

The kitchen is designed using only lower elements, while the pillars are covered in wood, so as not to obstruct the view of the city.

A special feature is that this level can be opened to the terrace and pool, creating a seamless space without boundaries between the interior and exterior.

We have applied a flexible design that allows for customization to the users’ needs, with the option of complete privacy or an open view of the city.

The bathroom on the upper level has been carefully designed to achieve a harmonious whole. Bright tiles create the illusion of spaciousness and make it visually larger.