Renovation of a house with a view of the Danube

Renovation of a house on the slopes of Fruska Gora that required renovation and adaptation to the clients’ needs. This two-story house, consisting of a ground floor and an attic, demands thorough renovation to revitalize both its exterior and interior. The previously unused attic necessitates a renewal, involving roof repairs, insulation addition, and layout adjustments based on engineering possibilities.


Renovation of a House: Start from Attic Transformation

The clients expressed the desire for a multifunctional space in the attic, covering a bedroom, living area, and bathroom, along with the installation of a spacious window on the sloped wall providing a view of the Danube. The future purpose of this house is a weekend retreat with a total area of around 70m2, less than 40m2 per floor. The renovation is planned in a minimalistic style, featuring simple lines and a neutral palette of earthy tones.

Incorporating African Inspired Decor

If you are drawn to the African continent, and travel there is currently not an option, there’s a way to infuse the spirit of Africa into your home. Inspiration for this can be found in examples in our gallery. Interiors adorned with African decor not only bring warmth to the rooms but are perfect for countries with long winters.


Material and Color Themes

What are the key characteristics of this decor?

Traditional homes on the oldest continent feature clay walls. To bring the warmth of Africa into your home, we recommend finishing the walls with similar materials, as we achieved a modern interpretation by coating wall and floor surfaces with micro cement. Ensuring these walls exude warmth is essential. The nature of this region is often painted with warm colors that you should transfer into your home. 

Furniture and Style Details

The interior of this house is imbued with the spirit of traditional African style, emphasizing simplicity as a key feature. Most pieces of furniture in this house have a distinctive look due to brickwork and micro cement finishing, while rustic wood extends throughout both levels. Elements reminiscent of popular Boho and Japandi styles contribute to the overall experience of the space.


Ground Floor Layout and Design

In the ground floor living room, we placed a corner bench, open shelves, and a wardrobe. Furniture is coated with micro-cement, and a wood stove adds a special warmth to the space. The kitchen and dining area are combined into one space equipped with a table for six and two elegant pendant lights made of rattan. 

The kitchen combines brick elements, some with closed fronts or drawers, and above the work surface stretches a shelf with an integrated LED strip. Closed cabinets further enrich the kitchen space, while walls and floors are finished with micro-cement. The view from the dining area is directed towards the courtyard. 


Functional and Aesthetic Elements in Bathroom Design

In the ground floor bathroom, we installed a washbasin with a brick element underneath, coated with micro-cement and containing two drawers. Open shelves are placed next to the entrance to the bathroom, and the final finish of the floor and the walls is also micro-cement dominating the entire house. 

Attic Design: Maximizing Views and Comfort

The attic, designed as a relaxation space, offers an exceptional view from the entrance to the window with a panoramic view of the Danube. This space is conceived without physical barriers between the work segment, the area designated for relaxation, and the sleeping area. On the right wall to the slope, open shelves coated with micro-cement are installed, serving as a kind of library. The sleeping area features a corner fireplace, positioned so that our clients can enjoy the view from both the relaxation and sleeping areas. 

Integrated Storage Solutions

The wardrobe, placed on the right side of the entrance to the attic, presents itself as an open treasury, delicately integrated into the space. In the attic bathroom, we repeated the same approach to finishing walls and floors as on the ground floor. Considering the slope of the ceiling, a low, closed chest of drawers is added near the entrance, serving not only as a functional element but also as a complement to the aesthetics of the space. 


Conclusion: A Harmonious Living Space

This project represents a harmonious synthesis of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, tailored to the specific needs of the clients. Through careful planning and design, a balanced space has been achieved that meets the demands of modern living while preserving the authenticity of the architecture. Every detail, from brickwork pieces of furniture to micro-cement dominating the entire interior of the house, has contributed to the unique character of this space.