Luxury apartment for a family of four

In the space we have designed, functionality and meticulously crafted design come together to create a harmonious environment for our clients – a four-member family that embraces comfort and a modern lifestyle.

The living room takes center stage as the heart of the home, bathed in abundant light. Sunlight streams into every corner, generating a pleasant ambiance while the family revels in harmony and fresh air, thanks to the airy terrace that seamlessly merges with the indoor space.

In the kitchen, warm tones and exotic natural stone that partially allow light to filter through create an intriguing play of illumination.

The kitchen and dining area are envisioned as a unified whole with the living room. Moreover, three distinct sculptural chandeliers compose a dynamic arrangement, with the ceiling mirroring the chandeliers’ glow, fostering the illusion of a much larger space.

Unique Vetrite glass adds a distinctive allure to the interior, establishing harmony between light and structure. Additionally, the presence of the warm texture of walnut veneer enriches the overall ambiance uniquely.

The sleeping zone is spatially separated from the living area, offering a sanctuary for complete tranquility, while thoughtfully designed details seamlessly connect with the style of the living zone.

Artistic mosaics of captivating colors stand out in the bathrooms. This contrasts with large-format tiles that emulate natural stone, extending throughout the entire space.

In the entrance hall, elongated wooden-covered walls intersect with the subtle presence of natural moss, bringing nature into this part of the space. Every detail, including meticulously selected pieces of furniture, contributes to the whole, transforming the corridor into an inspirational area where each element plays its role. Here, you’ll find a walk-in closet as well as a discreetly integrated powder room.

The living room, which serves as a place for family gatherings and precious moments, plays with light shades of brown and white, engendering a pleasant atmosphere. Considerable attention has been dedicated to ornamental elements such as shelves with a Sicis glass background in a golden hue, a wall unit with a stone-clad fireplace, a high-gloss circular coffee table, and comfortable corner sofas in a reinterpreted Chesterfield style. In the master bedroom, the marital bed with its headboard and pendant lights crafts a snug space, its design extending into the connected bathroom. On the flip side, a natural stone element with a television and shelves takes center stage, creating an interplay of shadow and light.

The master bathroom is adorned in shades of brown with golden accents on the basin faucet and shower rose, while a special walk-in shower delivers an incredible experience.

The boys’ rooms are multifunctional, featuring areas for sleeping, studying, and relaxing, as well as closets with mirrors. Walls are adorned with photo wallpaper depicting video game heroes – one room in blue, the other in green, infusing dynamism. Green hues are combined with vibrant yellow accents and cushions, while the other room predominantly features a blue palette with touches of gray.

The bathrooms adjacent to the boys’ rooms are stylistically coordinated – one boasts a green mosaic in conjunction with natural stone, while the other sports a blue mosaic and teal blue ceramic tiles.

The terrace facing the yard represents a true oasis, complete with a jacuzzi, and a dining and relaxation corner for coffee breaks. During winter, it transforms into a warm winter garden with its glass enclosure, while a movable pergola grants control over lighting and sunlight.