Interior of an apartment of a three-member family

The design of the space was aligned with the client’s preferences – a three-member family who enjoys vibrant colors and embraces an authentic style, expressing their passion for antiques and art.

A particular challenge was to incorporate the heirloom furniture from the family’s previous generation into a modern design. We successfully restored and integrated it into the new look of the apartment.

Antiques and artworks that were already owned by our clients were added to the living area, giving the space a special charm and character. We created a comfortable and pleasant environment intended for the family to enjoy their everyday moments.


The kitchen in the family apartment

The kitchen was decorated in warm earthy tones with simple accents on the elements and interesting hexagonal wall tiles. Every detail was carefully planned, including positions for spices, herbs, and knives.

With a combination of beige and brick color, the space achieves a harmonious balance between organization and aesthetics. This blend of shades creates a welcoming environment for both cooking and enjoyment.

Since the culinary area had limited dimensions, our clients wanted to expand it, so we decided to partially utilize the terrace and transform it into a dining area.


We installed large windows to allow ample natural light to permeate the space.

The dining room became a central place for meals and gatherings, while the table in the living room was reserved for special occasions.


The girl’s room design

We adopted the girl’s room to her needs over an extended period, using vibrant colors that create a harmonious and pleasant environment.

We paid special attention to the working atmosphere. Through details and around the workspace, we introduced vibrant colors, and shades of cyclamen, while the rest of the room was in a gentle pink color.

Cheerful curtains with a floral pattern and a carpet in colorful tones are details that contribute to the space.

We have organized many practical storage solutions in different locations, maintaining order and preventing clutter. We have also designed a dedicated space for a pet.

Details in other rooms of this family apartment

The main bathroom was designed with practicality and comfort in mind, with a well-organized space.

The entrance hall was designed in white color and wooden texture, in harmony with the living room design.

From the entrance door, you can see a wall clock and a coffee table, revealing the style of the apartment and reflecting the personality of the family living in it.

In the living area, the dining table, rugs, chandeliers, sideboards, paintings, and wall clocks represent special pieces that have conveyed the spirit of family tradition for decades. The entire space has been transformed into a modern oasis, creating a warm and unique atmosphere.


The corner sofa was chosen to allow all family members to comfortably watch movies together, and the area around the TV is arranged not to distract attention.

In the bedroom, every inch of space was maximized, considering that it is a semi-room. Besides the bed, we designed a dressing table. The dominant blue tones here bring a sense of calmness and relaxation.

In the guest bathroom, floral tiles bring vibrancy, and a carefully selected color palette creates the impression of an expanded ambiance. We transformed the built-in wardrobe into a functional niche for laundry machines.


In this project, we were responsible for the interior architecture design, careful selection of contractors, and ensuring the alignment of the executed work with the envisioned design.