Open Catamaran Design 24-meter-long

The feeling of an endless space – this is what we tried to achieve on the catamaran created for daily trips. As many as 120 young people can have fun on the decks of this boat. Our team gave this 24-meter-long vessel an attractive, futuristic look.

Dynamic Deck Features

There are elements of different heights on both decks for passengers to lay, sunbathe or sit. Some of the pieces are suitable for couples, while others are perfect for groups of friends. Each one of the options offered can make passengers feel the space differently. 


Integration of Dining and Leisure Spaces

Private dining spaces are at the border between open and closed areas. They are symbols of the boat’s concept – connection. All the elements merge, and there is no strict line between horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

Versatile Upper Deck and VIP Lounge

It is easy to transform the upper deck into a space for team building or celebrations. The exclusive VIP lounge is on the flybridge – a few sunbeds with a beautiful sea view. The hard top provides the necessary protection during hot summer days.


Central Bar as a Focal Point

The bar is in the central part of the main deck, and the life of a boat takes place around it. That is why it makes one-of-a-kind sculptures in the space together with a wall cladding and the stair railing. Black lines of the boat’s exterior enter the vessel, touching the bar and the stair railing and going right to the floor. It is an example of the boat’s concept. It tells about the link between not just exterior and interior, but horizontal and vertical surfaces too. We created the whole main deck as an attractive, futuristic cafe. Geometric patterns are on the ceiling, just like LED lights suitable for parties.


Futuristic Bathroom Designs

We achieved the feeling of endless space in the bathrooms by merging the ceiling and the mirrors. Bathrooms are modern, futuristic, and comfortable, but also functional – the cleaning between tours is fast and easy.

Enhancing Passenger Experience Through Design

Although daily trips were the initial purpose of this catamaran, people don’t feel it as only a vehicle that moves them from one location to another. Interior design refines the passengers’ experience and puts it to a higher level.