Eco barge on the Danube

Eco barge on the Danube is one of our most ambitious projects. The idea was to create a place for people interested in this topic, a place where they could learn more about alternative ways of growing organic food in city areas. That is why we created a vertical garden with a unique system for watering and an object for workshops and presentations.


Self-Sustainability Features of Eco Barge

The specific characteristic of this barge is its self-sustainability. There are solar panels on the central terrace that can face the sun always simply by moving the barge. Small windshields are on the roof, producing their energy. Engine power is not needed because the barge is anchored. Although technical rooms inside the barge require some amount of energy, they can be generated by windshields and solar panels.


Educational Potential of the Eco Barge

Undoubtedly, this barge has great educational potential. We know the space in city areas is limited, so citizens need to learn how to use it for gardening wisely. That is why a vertical garden is here. Solar panels are set on a lower level intentionally so visitors can get a closer look and learn more about how they function and how is this kind of energy created.


Our team developed this project in cooperation with biologists experienced within the same area. We are sure it will impact the ecological aspect in city areas in a positive way.