Roaming around Milan: The Kitchen Edition

Roaming around Milan: The Kitchen Edition

We have spent an entire week in Milan during the famous Salone del Mobile and couldn’t get enough of the amazing details spread all around the town. Therefore, we are dedicating one more article to this wonderful event. This time, focusing on the inspiring kitchen design.
As seen in the picture above, dark colors are dominant not only in the kitchen, yet in all the interiors. Combined with classic elements and natural materials such as raw wood and metal, they make a really strong effect. It is also noticeable how hexagon tiles got their way back into the kitchen, which is a great thing considering we have just developed a similar idea in one of our recent projects.

It is safe to say that this year’s kitchens will be all covered with wood. Raw wood is the choice number one, particularly when united with high polished materials.

Interesting lighting solutions are still dominant. If you have ever thought that chandeliers have no place in the cooking area, think again! Yet, have in mind that big ornamental candelabras are so out-of-date. What you need are a few lamps that, grouped together, create a glamorous impression.


The most surprising element this season is the bright yellow, an interesting color choice which serves as a fashion statement of modern kitchens. The same could be said about the color red.


Materials like Corian and Kerrock are present in every shape and form, yet we mostly like them polished and combined with some crude, provocative elements such as the roughly colored brick wall seen above. Combined with metal, they make a perfect fit for the industrial style kitchens.


Elegant elements made of matte black metal are a huge hit this year and they have even found their way into the kitchen. What you see above are the completely open hanging elements with wooden background, one of the leading trends this season.

Many working surfaces were processed in such way to remind us on raw stone or metal. The example above shows that Corian goes pretty well with such materials. It is evident that this playful combination is becoming a thing right now.

This year we finally sad good-bye to rounded corners. Working surfaces have the highlighted, square edges.

The amazing kitchen island seen above is one of the many multi practical products we saw in Milan. Here you can see several trendy elements combined together, such as highly polished metal and hidden handles.
And last but not least are the classics! Freshened up with some bold twists, traditional white kitchen design with the wooden elements is still holding strong, for no other reason than because this layout is something we can all relate to.