Contemporary kitchen design

Architecture & Interior

We present our latest contemporary kitchen design project that we are very proud of. This tiny room is being used by the family of three in Novi Sad who opted for a contemporary minimalist style.

Maximizing Limited Space

The limited space in the kitchen had to be used in the best possible way. This is why we chose structures and colors that could open this room up and make it more luminous. The combination of yellow and white proved as the most suitable, while the unusual geometric patterns present the main theme of the room. With yellow MDF elements, we made this room a bit more lively, which is not usual for this type of kitchen.

Left to the entrance to the room is the stove with oven, sink, and a working surface made of a white KERROCK. On the right, we have a combined refrigerator with a freezer raised to the ceiling, with another hanging element above. On the other side of this unit, we put shelves and a lighting corner. This is connected to a small moveable bar with silicone wheels.


Unique Custom-Made Features

The glass area above the worktop is a unique custom-made element designed by our client’s request. It is decorated with an interesting geometric pattern, similar to the one on the curtain. This geometric leitmotif is finally followed by the impressive Konstantin Grcic chairs.

Overcoming Design Challenges

There are several other custom-made elements in this tiny kitchen. First, there is a little dishcloth holder made of stainless steel. Also, the MDF elements are carved to fit the fingers and can be easily opened. This is why all the kitchen elements look completely minimalistic.

A small obstacle we faced while working on this project was a low window on the front side of the kitchen where the radiator is. Because of this window, we could not put any other kitchen item in this tiny area. Yet, we overcame this challenge by designing a unique radiator mask.

The kitchen is lit by beautiful Germain lighting with LED strips lined below all hanging elements. Besides the central lighting, there are two simple pendants above the bar.


This project would not have been possible without the fruitful collaboration with our clients. We hope that this tiny kitchen will provide them with many unforgettable moments and tasty meals.

See more photos of this project in our portfolio. And finally, compare the original project visualization with a real-life picture taken after the completion. Can you spot the difference?

Is this the real life or just a rendering?