River Yacht Kovin: Reviving Elegance on the Water

Behind the scene

Welcome to the fifth part of our exciting journey in river yacht refit. If you thought refitting an old boat was boring, think again because we’ve created a true wonder on the water.

The Beginning of Transformation 

The major part of our adventure revolved around the aft salon, where we decided to completely strip the space and create something unexpected. Inspiration? The luxury and elegance of classic yachts. We wanted to create a space that would take the breath away from future guests.

Balancing Tradition And Modernity 

The task wasn’t easy – it required combining modern design with preserving tradition. But we didn’t stop at preservation – we also celebrated the tradition of the Kovin river boat. The brilliant combination of white ceilings and the upper part of the walls, along with wooden slats on the lower part of the walls with a dark texture of coarse weave, creates that authentic feeling, reminding us of the days when wooden sailboats ruled the rivers.



Visual Spaciousness

To make the salon appear larger than it is, we opted for high-gloss white on the upper part of the walls and ceiling. In contrast, the lower part and the floor are covered in dark tones, creating an intriguing contrast and connecting with nature. The slats in a matte finish give the impression of being preserved in their natural state, creating a friendly atmosphere and connecting us with the surroundings.

Hidden Details 

During the carpet installation, it was necessary to incorporate several inspection openings that needed quick and easy access as needed. The chosen flooring proved ideal for this purpose. On the floor, the contractors then installed wooden wall paneling, seamlessly extending to the mini kitchen by the salon staircase. The mini kitchen, which is a real surprise, contains everything needed for a meal after a successful business meeting.

Design With Finesse 

We didn’t forget the details – wine and glass display shelves designed just like on the most luxurious yachts, a table that can be moved to access the ship’s machinery underneath it, a TV hidden in the stern for presentations, and direct and indirect lighting that creates an irresistible atmosphere during dusk and evening cruises.



Sofas As Artwork

Finally, we had to outfit the sofas that we designed as sculptures in the space. Each sofa was specially crafted for this floating gem.

We eagerly anticipate seeing the finished vessel, ready to delight new guests. Stay with us because the final part of this design diary will be coming soon, where we will show you the ultimate look of this magical boat.


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