Fitness center design: 4 workout areas


After three years of experience in fitness center design for private clients, we finally have the opportunity to show our design of an all-inclusive fitness center.

Designing such an object was a special challenge for us and we are completely satisfied with the final result. It`s no secret we love designing commercial objects where all design elements are composed together with just one goal: to satisfy the needs of future users. We believe this is one of the most important criteria in designing commercial objects.

That is why we are now introducing four important areas of an all-inclusive fitness center.

Group fitness room

A room like this one should urge you to do more, to push boundaries and to work out like there is no tomorrow surrounded by others just like you. We are not kidding. A group fitness room is the most important part of every gym. It is the social center of the place, where everyone should feel encouraged to give their best.


The group fitness room is imagined as a large separate premise with a lot of natural lighting to allow different types of group training for multiple users.

Yoga room

And now, something completely different. This is the only room in the gym where everything is at a low pace. There is no rush, no pressure, only the feeling of belonging.


This is a visually isolated space filled with natural materials. With an interesting lighting solution on the ceiling, the yoga room was designed to provide a feeling of comfort to tired athletes.

Strength room

This one is a classic. Filled with heavy weights and other workout tools, this is the place where the magic happens. This is a place where everybody comes together, whether they are complete amateurs, bodybuilders, workout addicts, or even just short-term visitors.


The strength area has the usual arrangement for the weight lifting area with two options. Besides a large power rack, there is also a part with small benches and dumbbells. The strength room has a different flooring solution than the previous ones since the linoleum sports flooring proved to be a perfect solution for its purpose. Moreover, to spice things up, we chose the machine upholstery which matches the color of the PVC floor.

Cardio room

The cardio area is filled with treadmills and stationary workout bikes. It is also covered with linoleum sports flooring which is durable and minimizes the risk of injury.


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