Luxury fitness club for the most effective training

Not many people know our team has experience in designing gyms spaces. After three years long work for private clients, it is finally possible to show a project like this to a broad audience. We created the interior of the fitness club by dividing it into four zones for more effective training and better space organization.


Space for group training

A room like this should make you give your best, move your limits and exercise as you mean it, surrounded by people like you. We are serious. The room for group training is the essential zone in each fitness club and a place where everyone should feel free to give their best.

The room for group training in this luxury fitness club is a unique, spacious zone with a lot of natural light so everyone can feel pleasant.


The room for group training in this fitness center is a unique, spacious zone with a lot of natural light so everyone can feel pleasant.

Yoga room

It’s a different concept and the only room in this luxury fitness club where everything feels relaxed. There is no pressure and no rush – just a sense of belonging. 

The yoga room is visually separated from the rest of the fitness zones and covered in natural materials. The compelling lighting is a plus to the overall atmosphere and feels calming for tired clients.

The room for strength exercises

The next one is a standard part of gyms where magic and muscles are born. Also, this is one of the very few rooms everyone will enter – both newbies and experienced bodybuilders, even one-time visitors. It is a regular room for weightlifting with two options – a power rack and a line of benches and weights.


The unusual thing is this room has different floor claddings because floor linoleum proved it is the best material for sports rooms. Furthermore, we chose the color of linoleum that suits the machines best.


Cardio zone

There are many stable bikes and running tracks. As this room is partly connected to the strength exercises one, the floor is covered in sports linoleum too. This material is very durable and reduces the risk of injury. 

It was a great challenge to design an object like this, a luxury fitness club, and we are so happy with the result. We have always been in love with designing commercial objects where all the design elements have one common goal: to meet the needs of all future users. We think this is one of the crucial criteria in design.