A Parisian Design Fairytale in Novi Sad

One of the most challenging projects so far was done in the heart of Novi Sad, Serbia. We renovated the big apartment in the building where two periods merge. Our goal was to adapt it to the life of four members of a family so they can take advantage of this large space.

Full of light and colored in bright shades, this flat’s style is neoclassic. The stone motif is in several spots. The kitchen island and hob are made of stone, just like the fireplace in the living room. This motif is on the club tables in the living room and beneath the sinks in the bathrooms, too. All the furniture is custom made and specially designed for this flat, just like the doors that are higher than standard ones.



The kitchen is equipped with closed storage space so it can look neat and organized. It is comfortable enough the whole family can have a meal there. If they decide to eat in the dining room they will enjoy the unusual oval dining table. Together with the chandelier above, it looks like a sculpture. We looked for a minimalistic feeling, without a lot of furniture in the dining room. That is why showcases are built-in.



There are spacious closets in the hall. A walk-in closet that connects two girl rooms is spacious as well. These rooms are both sophisticated. They have compelling lighting and a girl’s bathroom next to them.



The master bathroom belongs to the master bedroom. Simple lines and smooth forms are still there. One of the interesting things in the bedroom is the wall technique. This technique was used in the dining and living rooms as well. It means there are special dents in the walls where we added the ambient lights. A lot of natural light enters the room thanks to the portals facing the terrace. This terrace is not the only one in this spacious apartment – the second one is next to the kitchen and dining room.




Here we are in the living room. This one is cavernous. It includes the library with a fireplace and the sitting area created for enjoying the movies. Warm and soft shades and comfortables furniture talk about the effect we wanted with this part of the apartment.



It was a challenge to design this family living space. Two different ways of brickwork in the same building and the huge square footage made things more difficult.

It was crucial to work with each square as it is the only one; to create a lot of storage space without making the apartment visually smaller. 

We are more than satisfied with what we’ve done.