Omcafe shop and stand

Our client, the renowned Omcafe brand, wanted to renovate their store in the center of Banja Luka, with the idea of adding a new section to display their Espresso capsules and related products to their existing line of products.


The entire concept was designed to combine traditional coffee roasting, grinding, and packaging techniques with the latest Omcafe coffee machines, along with a mini showroom.

The goal was not only to redesign the existing store but also to transform the shopping experience from a traditional retail experience into a new shopping journey that eliminates the barriers between customers and sellers.


The space was designed to combine two seemingly incompatible parts.


On the left side, a modern, flowing design was applied, while the right side was dedicated to traditional products with straight geometric lines.


Upon entering the store, your attention will be drawn to the minimalist central counter made of white medium-density fibreboard. Like the sales counter, it is decorated with a characteristic parametric pattern in the shape of coffee beans and lighting.


A striking contrast is provided by the dark wall paneling featuring the large gold Omcafe logo, while the white minimalist furniture complements the space, and the luxurious wood-look vinyl flooring provides a sense of warmth.

With our design, we aimed to elevate the overall user experience to a higher level, making the store more personalized and customer-oriented.


Along with the retail section, the focus was also on the showroom.


On the right side, you can see that everything is dedicated to the Omcafe brand, and there is also a touch screen on the wall, while on the left side, the classic offer, Turkish coffee, and other products are highlighted.


As in all of our projects, special attention was paid to lighting, and interesting detail is the coffee-shaped geometric surfaces that refract light.


The same motif is also on the wallpaper at the entrance, which we specially designed for this project.


The new section is designed for the future and contains fluid and futuristic forms, with shelves functioning as a mini-gallery where each box or machine serves as a small exhibit.


During the creation of the store’s interior, distinctive recognizable elements and geometry were defined, which will be used in all future Omcafe spaces.

In a very short period, we had the opportunity to use the same design at the Omcafe booth in the Sarajevo shopping center with the same visual identity to make it easier to recognize the brand.


The booth is made up of several separate parts with different designs, and you can approach it from all sides, similar to the store.

Taking into account the functionality of the booth, we made sure to adapt the space to the customer. In addition to the existing range, the focus is now on the latest product – capsules, which were the conceptual and starting point for designing this counter.


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