Luxury Fashion Store in the Center of Novi Sad

In the high ground floor, right in the city center, we’ve situated a space with exceptional character. Its elongated shape and natural lighting, which enters only through the front window and side windows on one side of the space, posed a significant design challenge. With a creative approach to the problem and unconventional solutions, this space has become much more than an ordinary retail area.


Luxury fashion store design

This space has been meticulously detailed to provide everything needed for a comfortable stay, quality customer service, and a functional arrangement of displayed items. It includes two sections for clothing display, a cashier’s desk, a restroom, a mini kitchen, an auxiliary storage area, and changing rooms. Special attention has been given to the space for accessories, bags, and footwear.

The client, who already has successful fashion stores in Belgrade, brought her unique aesthetics and taste to Novi Sad. Besides the challenge of the space’s shape – narrow and long – it was designed in a way that the entire space is visible from the storefront, creating a pleasant and playful ambiance. Emphasis has been placed on the space’s lighting to maintain its height.


The design of this space is subtle and bright, with shades of beige and carefully selected textures, including polished stainless steel and walls with a rough texture. The use of mirrors, reflections, and impressive chandeliers adds luxury and dynamism to the space.

What makes this space special is the offering of high-quality Italian fashion. This adds sophistication and elegance to the space, making it a perfect place for all luxury fashion enthusiasts.


This space is much more than a shopping destination; it’s an experience. This project is an example of how multifunctionality and aesthetics come together in perfect harmony, creating a space where you feel special.