Bali Interior Design Apartment

Bali interior design idea came to life in one of Novi Sad’s apartments. We put it into the design of this residential space, being inspired by a couple and their relationship with this famous place. They met in Bali and wanted its style to enrich their apartment. 

Our clients gained a lot of experience with many cultures on the other side of the world. These years formed the look of their residential space. We were beyond excited to transform their inner wealth into the design of this modern apartment, different from all the trends we can currently see in Serbia.


Bali interior elements

The apartment has a view of Liman park and Fruska Gora. We imagined it as a light and open space. Knitted elements that resemble Bali island found their space in the living room. The swing and the rattan combined with the angular sofa gave this room for everyday life the effect of a vacation.

The texture and the material of a swing were unavoidable for the kids’ room, too. Two small children got their space for independent play here. The freedom we opted for has a symbol on the wall – the wallpaper with forest motifs.  


Wood as a material is on several spots in the apartment. In the dining room, we used it for the ceiling beams. The dining room, the living room, and the kitchen space are all connected.

The kitchen formed as a kitchen island continues to the living room. This layout is practical – it allows our client to be involved in kids’ activities, even when cooking.

Our clients’ love for colors is noticeable in the kitchen ceramics and the light blue shade of kitchen elements. The Far East colors got their five minutes of fame in the bathroom. They are visible on the decorative ceramics on the front wall and the floor. The geometric pattern on tiles brings life into the room where our clients prepare for the day. 


Bali island feeling in your apartment

Does the vacation mean relief? Yes. We opted for that feeling because the flat owners told us it must not be overcrowded. Therefore, one of the rooms is a storage/laundry room, divided into open and closed closets for storing clothes, bags, and suitcases. There are also washing and drying machines. Functionality has always been a big thing for us. We took advantage of every inch of the small bathroom –  from a small closet above the toilet right to the tiny sink, a little piece of art. The sink is made especially for this space. 

A great storage system exists in the comfy bedroom as well – we used the bed base for this purpose. A tidy space is always a condition for quality sleep and rest. In this apartment, relaxing is quite possible on the balcony also. We designed one half of it for relaxation and another for work at home. The perfect balance, if you ask us.


Let us finish the tour through this beautiful Bali interior apartment here on the balcony. Everyone could feel the spirit of the well-known Indonesian island in this place. Moreover, it will stay with this family to follow them for a lifetime.