A splendid apartment in Novi Sad

Let us show you the astonishing view of the whole city from one terrace. This apartment in Novi Sad gives us such pleasure, and it will be the topic of our text. We designed its interior and dressed all of it into pure luxury. Would you take a look?


Materials used in this apartment in Novi Sad

The word “play” might be the first one crossing our minds after entering this place. Large-format artworks change on the walls, and warm wooden tones dance harmoniously with white walls. Stone surfaces with interesting structures and light textiles in warm colors are perfectly combined. We achieved the modern look on both levels of this duplex through the superb mix of wood, stone, and glass

Wooden tones are dominant in the living room – there is a spacious storage space behind the veneered cladding. The “soft” atmosphere the wood is associated with can be improved by the rail lighting from the ceiling. The hidden lights from the open shelves will give the additional charm.

After we head to the kitchen and the dining room, we will see their style matches the living room. The golden aspirator in the kitchen will catch our eye as a surprising and compelling detail. A perfect match of dark and light MDF board will do the same, just like the work surface made of artificial stone. More stone details are in the kitchen – we can notice the revetment of the dining room’s wall in marble decor.


Comfort was the priority

From the open part of the lower level, we are going to the private one – the home office, primary bedroom, and guest room. The elegant look of the home office improves productivity. The dark colors of the walls and furniture contrast the unique wallpaper. Comfort was high on our priority list – that is why every room has its bathroom. All of the bathrooms match the style of the rooms they follow. For example, we covered the wall in the bathroom that follows the home office with ceramics in the wooden decor.


Simple details for better functionality

Our clients can quickly transform the sleeping area in the guest room. It can become a corner to hang out with friends. The modular table is a great help here.

We can see artworks in large formats everywhere in the duplex. One of them is in the room for guests.

When it comes to the closet, we avoided the monotony by using a few different parts. Anthracite and marble decor are in the guest room’s bathroom. This look is copied on the furniture as well.

The light behind the mirror draws attention to the ceramic tiles decor.


The primary bedroom details

The primary bedroom might look the most impressive. Veneered cladding repeats throughout the apartment, but here might be the most beautiful detail. The cladding merges with artificial stone on the wall behind the bed. Anthracite, MDF board, and mirrors look amazing on the closet fronts. Mirrors with integrated lights in the primary bathroom are eye-catching, as well. The darkness of the furniture, bathroom walls, and shower cabin’s glass follow the primary bedroom in its sophistication.


Play with the hallway design

Remember the word “play” from the beginning? It comes again the moment we enter the hallway and go to the upper level of this duplex. Stone and mirror motifs are combined in this part of the duplex, as different textures and materials. The hallway leads us to the staircase. Big walls here became playful after we used the veneered cladding and light on the frontal one. Lights are below the tread. Together with a stone in two shades, they make magnificent effects.


Nothing is left to chance in this apartment in Novi Sad. Furthermore, we integrated every detail with a lot of attention.

Do you already think about your everyday life between walls like these? We are here to make your living space equally unique. In Salt & Water architectural studio, we do not aim lower than that.