AYO Wearable: Boosting Energy and Optimizing Sleep


The AYO wearable helps overworked, exhausted type A’s boost their overall energy levels, optimize sleep cycles, and beat jet lag during frequent travels. The result of a three-year development, testing, and engineering process, AYO uses the latest developments in Chronobiology, the study of the human body clock, and delivers clinically tested soft blue light, at proper timing and intensity directed by the software.

With its high-quality innovative design, AYO won this year’s Red Dot Award for Product Design in the category of Life Science and Medicine, and the Travel Retail Award for the Best Electronic Product in 2018. This product was designed by Salt & Water, the design and architecture studio with more than ten international awards in its portfolio.


“In order to get the most out of the light therapy, it was our decision to make this design as minimalistic as possible. It proved to be the right choice and now we have a very practical product with a slightly futuristic look we can`t wait to put on every time we find ourselves in a bad mood after a long flight.” said Svetlana Mojic Dzakula, owner of Salt & Water design studio.

Ayo device is for frequent travelers, shift workers, snooze-lovers, peak performers, and professional athletes. The intelligence behind AYO is the AYO app. The sophisticated algorithms perform an in-depth analysis of the user’s sleep habits and lifestyle preferences and provide a truly personalized approach, guiding the user on when to use AYO, when to avoid light and others.

Novalogy Inc. a wearable-tech startup, first introduced AYO in May 2015 when it launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. After reaching 8 times its initial goal, AYOs were delivered to thousands of excited backers in more than 80 countries all around the world. Now, AYO is available to travelers, energy-deprived workers and sleep-deprived citizens all around the world.

Salt & Water is a design studio specializing in architecture, yacht design, aircraft interior design, and product design. This team of young award-winning professionals strongly believes that mixing experiences from different fields helps them to make unique design solutions. More about their works you can find on www.saltandwater.rs or https://www.facebook.com/saltandwater .

If you happen to have additional questions about the product and the awards, please feel free to contact us.