Glasses against the jet lag

The syndrome of the broken body clock is something we focused on together with fantastic colleagues from the company named Novalogy. We erased the consequences of jet lag by creating therapeutic AYO glasses or known as the jet lag glasses.

Long, intercontinental flights make us change the timezone, which affects the biorhythm. AYO glasses are a kind of mobile solution to this problem.  Our bodies are used to day and night cycles and are under stress each time we change the timezone.


These jet lag glasses work using light therapy. It is effective against insomnia, poor focus, migraine, a decreased ability to finish the daily chores, and digestive problems. AYO glasses use the special blue light that affects the signals traveling to our brains. This way, glasses improve sleep quality, easies waking up, and erase the cons of this physiological state that can last for several days. This project is based on the chronobiological studies of the day and night cycle’s rhythm. Also, hormones affect our sleepiness and energy level during the day.


The style of this powerful gadget is minimalistic. With a bit of a futuristic look, AYO glasses look interestingly on the face. Our design, combined with innovative technology, improves people’s lives, and we are proud of it.