Dancing about architecture: Explore our favorite design blogs

Architecture & Interior

Running a company blog is sometimes challenging. To present your own work in the best possible way, it is necessary to choose the words very carefully, to understand every single subject you are writing about, and, most importantly, to love what you are doing.

You should, therefore,  try to understand every aspect of a project you and other designers are working on. You must also learn from the experience of the others. In other words, you should read a lot. Writing about architecture and design is a craft of its own and there is no other way to become a master craftsman than to explore the work of others.

That is why we are now presenting some of the most inspiring design blogs (and published works) about architecture whose stories shaped our storytelling abilities.


Dezeen is one of our very favorite design blogs filled with news about architecture and design. Not only does it work as an amazing collage of innovative designs and products, Dezeen also covers many hot topics about contemporary style. Besides, their social media management is for the books. It’s comprehensive, smart and appealing. Some of us particularly like Dezeen`s Instagram account because it gives refreshing ideas on the daily basis.


Design Boom is one of the greatest architecture and design online archives out there. They have a specific stylistic expression, with their own design, fonts, and language. They cover interesting stories, and make exceptional interviews and rich content.


ArchDaily is by far the most visited architecture website ever. This is completely understandable. Besides covering everyday topics, they have a huge database of new competitions, events, and materials. It was a great honor to be featured in such a magazine with one of our most successful projects last year.


This website (which also works as an online community) is also one of the richest web collections we like to visit every once in a while. What we love the most about Architizer is the way they present exemplary projects. It is safe to say their descriptions made a tremendous impact on us because now we understand the importance of a quality idea presentation.

And, last but not least…


by Alexandra Lange

This is an awesome handbook for everyone who likes compelling stories about architecture. Imagined as a collection of critical essays about contemporary design in big cities, this book provides insightful commentaries on today’s trends. Included in this book are works by some of the best architecture critics of the twentieth century. They are Ada Louise Huxtable, Lewis Mumford, Herbert Muschamp, Michael Sorkin and many others. Yet, the most interesting sections of the book are Lange’s own answers to the given topics. If you don’t mind us saying, this book is a must-read for every designer.