Airbender 100′ futuristic trimaran


It was back in 2011 when our CEO, Svetlana Mojić, designed the interior of a unique boat for ocean-crossing. Five years later, this powerful Japanese-style trimaran still remains one of the most ambitious projects designed in our studio.

The Concept of Airbender 100′

Airbender 100′ is an ocean-going trimaran imagined as a charter for amateur sailors who would love to fulfill their dreams and sail off to distant shores. With 100 feet in length and a carefully organized interior, it looks unusually big for this kind of vessel.

Accommodation and Features

Airbender 100′ can accommodate 12 people in two sleeping cabins in the central hull, while on the side hulls are the adrenaline capsules in which users can get a unique experience of speed-sailing. Additionally, sailors may use a spacious salon, also located in the central hull, which is a welcome advantage compared to other similar vessels.

Spacious and Comfortable Design

Ocean-going trimarans are usually crowded with not enough space to freely move around which is why many people find it hard to spend a whole nine days sailing in the middle of the ocean. However, this is not the case with Airbender 100′. To avoid this risk and provide more space, several innovative design solutions were included in the design of the boat’s interior.


Minimalistic Japanese-inspired Interior

Designing a vessel for long sailing routes in which people can enjoy and get to the desired destination in the minimum amount of time was indeed a special challenge for our team. One of its main features lies in its minimalistic style which is largely inspired by the traditional Japanese interiors. Yet, such a design proved to be best suited for speed-sailing while retaining its aesthetic appeal.

Innovative Interior Solutions

At first glance, one may think the interior of the sleeping cabin was borrowed from a set of a quirky Asian sci-fi movie. That is because the inventive solutions are hidden all around the Airbender’s interior, making it look neat and comfortable even when sailing tremendously fast. This solution also makes all the cabins and a salon incredibly light which provides a great advantage to this vessel. Modern-style tatami flooring mats and other unconventional elements provide a safe environment for sailing at such a high speed. Thanks to the folding tables hidden in the tatami floor and other practical storing solutions all sleeping cabins can be easily modified to meet the needs of users.


Besides Svetlana, professionals who participated in designing this strong vessel are João Pinto Ferreira, a naval architect from Portugal, and Coskun Kocagöz, an industrial designer from Turkey.

To see more images of Airbender 100‘, please visit our portfolio.