The floating vertical garden as a perfect solution for an urban environment

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Today we present you one of our older, yet timelessly ambitious project Salt & Water team is very proud of: The Eco-Barge on the Danube river.

This eco-barge was designed in order to introduce citizens of Belgrade with the concept of vertical gardens. In this text, we will try to explain why innovatively designed floating objects like this barge are a perfect solution for gardening in urban areas.

There are numerous reasons for growing vertically

An urban garden like this one has a special kind of irrigation system that can provide moisture to the plants on every level. It also needs less amount of water than systems in traditional gardens. In the vertical gardening systems, water can be recycled, which is one of the many reasons why this solution is considered eco-friendly.

Another reason for this is the fact that it is easier to protect plants from soil-borne pests when they are grown vertically. Also, by using the grow light,  plants can be grown even during the colder months.

It is also worth noting that vertical gardens are mostly portable which means they can be moved around in order to use more natural light.

The barge itself is a perfect place for this type of gardening

Floating objects provide many benefits for urban environments. If designed in a smart, functional way, they can extend the possibilities of a town.

For instance, this particular barge is further imagined as a place where all different kinds of educational workshops and lectures could be held. This way, all the lessons about the vertical gardening system would be learned first hand, in a place of utmost value for the city of Belgrade.

Thanks to many media outlets covering this topic, it is was one of our most talked about projects. Click HERE to read a story about it on Inhabitat.