The Yacht Micro-Renovation, The Quickest Way to Refresh the Interior

Yacht Design
Spavaca soba sa velikim krevetom, mikrorenoviranje

As you prepare for the upcoming season, here are some scenarios you might encounter:

Most of the yacht’s interior is still in excellent condition, but there are a few areas where water has entered veneer overlays, leaving dark stains.


The dining area still looks modern and new, except for the corner sofa where artificial leather has cracked, and the filling has deteriorated.


The headboard of the bed and the wall lights beside it are completely outdated, compromising the overall impression of the owner’s cabin. 

If you undertake these changes on your own, you’ll likely spend more time organizing the work than the renovations will actually last. On the other hand, the scope of the work is too small to approach most yacht interior design studios.

I’ve often encountered yacht captains facing this problem. They wanted to focus on annual yacht maintenance and inspections but wasted precious time on these interior modifications. Simply put, they weren’t sure whom to contact for such minor changes and to handle the entire organization and execution. 

For this reason, my team has been offering micro-renovation services since last year. 

Wondering what that is?

Two types of salons, old and new version. Micro-renovation
Case study of possible micro-renovation on Tarrab Raised Pilothouse motor yacht from 1995, currently available on the market. 

It’s a smart refresh of the yacht’s interior without major interventions. It allows for a simple, easy, and quick upgrade of the yacht’s interior. 

Our goal is to achieve impactful changes that make a significant difference in your yacht and quickly pay off.

During these micro-renovations, we work closely with exceptional craftsmen and skilled artisans whom we contact, organize, and supervise on your behalf. 

For example, clients bought a beautiful yacht with an exceptionally well-preserved interior that didn’t reflect their style. Instead of demanding renovation, we adapted the yacht using reupholstering, lighting replacement, textile updates, and furniture adjustments. 

This micro-renovation provided our clients with a yacht that completely reflects their style.

Master cabins, before and after Micro-renovation
Case Study of possible micro-renovation on the motor yacht RENA, built in 1989 and currently available on the market.

On another yacht, our team was responsible for smaller renovation projects and furniture changes that transformed the interior within a minimal timeframe. While not involving structural changes, these interventions completely transformed the vessel’s internal space. We redesigned the bed headboards and changed the wall lights, carpets, handles, and curtains.

Above all, micro-renovation services can be a decisive factor when purchasing a yacht!

Based on photos of the space and a few measurements, with the help of 3D sketches, we can easily and quickly reconstruct the existing space and showcase the potential look of the yacht with micro-renovation services. 

Dining room before and after Micro-renovation
Case study of possible micro-renovation on Tarrab Raised Pilothouse motor yacht from 1995, currently available on the market.

In conclusion, creating the perfect yacht doesn’t necessarily involve destroying the entire existing interior and starting from scratch. 

If you’re interested in learning how micro-renovation services can make your upcoming project easier, contact us today. 

p.s. Since our current micro-renovation projects are under a confidentiality agreement, all showcased examples have been created solely for presentation purposes to demonstrate our capabilities on yachts currently on the market. However, if you purchase any of these yachts, you are free to use our design proposal.