Celebrating Excellence: Vahali X River Cruiser Wins Best Spa and Fitness Space Award

Studio News

At the beginning of November, our studio received exciting news that would change the course of our design journey. Our  innovative interior design for the Vahali X river cruiser, a key element of Vahali Shipyard’s groundbreaking river cruise concept, made it to the finals of the prestigious Cruise Ship Interior Awards 2022 – Best Spa or Fitness Space category.

This concept demanded a departure from the ordinary, calling for an interior that was both cutting-edge and serene. The team met this challenge with creativity and precision. Natural materials and soothing tones set the stage for an atmosphere of tranquility. In the massage area, wood takes center stage, harmonizing with lush greenery on the walls. Gilded accents on the reception desk and mirrors added a touch of luxury.


Design innovation not only earned us a place in the finals but also marked a remarkable journey for a team previously unknown in the cruise industry. What’s even more impressive is that our design competed against sea cruisers, offering an entirely different canvas of possibilities.

Fast forward to December 1st, in London at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo 2022, we were announced the winners of the Best Spa and Fitness Space Award. 

The Vahali X River Cruiser, a true testament to innovation and elegance, was a collaborative masterpiece between Salt & Water and VAHALI Shipyards. This award signifies not just our achievement but also our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we invite you to explore our portfolio, where you’ll discover a showcase of our outstanding designs. Discover the brilliance that has earned us accolades beyond compare.