Creative kids room design that will make you want to travel back in time

Architecture & Interior

Every once in a while comes a project that will take you right back to your childhood. That is why we always get excited whenever we get a chance to design a children`s room.


Designing a Functional Space for a Boy

The first task for the Salt & Water team was to design a feasible solution for an already existing room for one boy. Since the room itself is tiny, our job was to create a room in which this boy could spend as much time as possible with all the things he needs and even bring his friends over. Therefore, we had to think outside the box and make a functional living area inside of… well, this cute miniature box.


Custom-Made Furniture Solutions

The most logical solution was to design custom-made furniture like a folding bed as well as a closet with sliding doors that can be used as a drawing board. All the furniture elements were made of wood while the other elements are colored in our favorite naval blue color palette.

Once a sailor, always a sailor, what else could we say?!


The second “junior project” of ours was to design a practical twin room in bright pink color (pictured above) which was the instant choice for our clients – two adorable little girls. The biggest challenge for us was to develop a functional room for two where kids could sleep, study, and freely play around in such a limited space.