Residential and commercial house in Belgrade

Architecture & Interior

Today we present a brand new residential project we are extremely proud of. The object in question was an annex to the already existing house which was previously used both as a workplace and a family home.

As some of you might remember, Salt & Water has a solid experience in dealing with similar multi-purpose objects for family businesses. Last time, we experimented with an apartment in Switzerland and now we moved to the city of Belgrade. This was a big job, but the kind we took with excitement and pride.

The main requirement was to design a modern three-level building which will serve both as a dental office and living space. Whatmore, the object itself is leaning on the neighbor building, so our design had to follow the urban scheme of the city district.  

The original object was much smaller, consisted of a ground floor and a basement which served as a working area. Now, the object is designed to have two additional floors, with a ground floor acting as an office space, reception, and a waiting area. When the construction is completed, two families will occupy the upper area.

One of the client’s most interesting requirements was to keep some of the original elements intact. Thus, the object still has an oval stone wall, as well as unique metal ladders in the back. Moreover, our clients demanded the front facade to be asymmetrical with a contemporary feel to it.

In the addition to all of this, behind the main object is an additional storage unit which can be used as a lounge area or a summer kitchen. The lot also has a small garden and a driveway.

To see more pictures of the object, please visit our portfolio.