These pendants will make every place bright as a sunny day

These pendants will make every place bright as a sunny day

Although we love to design custom-made elements, using the already existing products, in some cases, is the best choice. Sometimes our efforts depend on a strict time limit. Sometimes it is a budget related thing. Even clients can have some specific requests. Whatever the reason is, using fabricated products is still a challenge for the designer. Not only you have to make everything fit perfectly, yet you have to make everything looking unique and pleasant.
This time, we will focus only on the amazing modern lighting products we featured in our designs which can be found in stores all around the world.


Stainless steel illumination

pendants calimero

Calimero pendants designed by STC studio can be found in Dimensione Bauhaus stores, among others, and present a perfect choice for modern apartments and shared working space. This is exactly why we have used them in designing this modern apartment in Switzerland. With carefully chosen furniture our clients wanted to achieve an impressive space which is to be used both as a living room and a place for laid back meetings.

Read more about this apartment HERE.


Effective and simple pendant lamp

When designing busy commercial place in urban areas of a town, IKEA seems like an obvious choice – and usually the best one. That is why we chose these simple HEKTAR pendant lamps to implement in the interior of a charming tiny cocktail bar set in a little marina. Combined and tied around a wooden beam they give a somewhat dramatic effect to this overall cute little place.

Cocktail Bar pendants


Astonishing little lamps for both public and private space

The first time we saw Tom Dixon`s BEAT collection with our own eyes, we completely fell in love. That is why we are constantly looking for different ways to implement them in our design, whether we are working on a commercial or a private housing project.

coffeeshop pendants

In this picture, you can see how this collection works pretty well above a bar. Not only they go along with other quirky details in this setting, they also set the mood in front of a bar. This is an important condition a designer has to keep in mind when designing a commercial space.
In the next picture, we see them in a completely different environment. This luxurious family apartment is all “dressed up” in wood with carefully chosen details set in the living room and dining area. Dixon lamps are here to enhance the overall elegance of the place and to make a dining room a bit more effective.

pendants apartment

When choosing a lighting solution for any kind of interior project, a designer has to keep in mind that all lamps, even the smallest ones, have a purpose. Their decorative potential is indeed important, yet their functionality is far more important. Combined with a sleek design, a good lighting can provide a marvelous effect.