Roaming around Milan: The best of Salone del Mobile

Roaming around Milan: The best of Salone del Mobile

We came back from Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile 2016) just two days ago and it seems our brains will explode from the amount of awesomeness and inspiration we have breathed in days before. During those six days, Milan truly was the center of the world where everybody is welcome to get face to face with new trends and innovations in the magnificent world of design. Well, who wouldn’t take that opportunity?!  And so, right after our arrival, we have decided to share our impressions with you.

As already noted, Milan is the right place to turn and face the strange. When the whole town converts itself into the never-ending design exhibition, you have to expect some kind of extravaganza along the way. As regular visitors, we have already noticed several unavoidable design trends that will always be there. Yet, it is always interesting to meet designers who came up with new answers to already existing themes.
Material World

The eternally popular raw materials have once again emerged as one of the leading trends in interior design, only with a small twist: this year the focus is placed on their usage in contemporary industrial design. Wood is still the main material of choice, yet this time, it is treated in a way that would seem unpolished to the untrained eye. The natural structure of wood provides the room with power and warmth. Another surprise was the frequent use of wooden panels covered with composite coatings which create the effect of rusty metal, concrete or even plaster.
Tables are usually designed as a combination of metal and wood with simple yet stylistically impeccable elements of industrial design. Besides wood, metal is a huge hit this year. It is usually painted black or some other matte shade. When combined with wood or high polished MDF, the result is quite interesting and mostly relies on the opposites of these materials.
Color me Coco

Earthy, low-tone colors are this year’s absolute favorite. Besides dark shades, one can easily notice anthracite, cocoa, cappuccino, beige and white to be one of the Milan’s greatest hits. Other favorites are bright yellow, screaming red, wine red, pastel shade of dark green and pastel blue which usually play a role of the surprising element in the room.
Crude softness

Rounded, cut-off edges and corners are arguably one of the biggest trends of the season. They are noticeable not only in the kitchen design but in bathrooms and living rooms as well. Besides being kid friendly, these details give the whole new perspective to the contemporary design.
Simple geometry combined with the intriguing textures make a perfect pair and that tendency can be easily seen in this season’s living rooms. Another surprising element is the built-in lighting system which is present in all rooms.
Where the real magic happens
For some reason, beautiful kitchens in Milan had the biggest “wow effect”. The kitchen area was definitely the one we enjoyed the most and, therefore, we have decided to dedicate a whole other article to them. So, whether you like cooking or not, keep in touch with us later this week for new updates.
The bathroom design hasn’t gotten through many changes over the years. The color of the ceramics is a bit different and it reminds us on the white Corian. All the elements are slightly rounded with the image that reflects the retro style of the 60’s And 70’s era.
And finally, the bathroom element we love the most – our very own CURVE shower cabin. It was there at the Relax booth we got face to face with one of our favorite designs! The fact that happened at the glorious Salone del Mobile makes it even more wonderful.

That was all for one day. Keep in touch, we`ll send more impressions soon…