Plants in the office – why should you have them?

Plants in the office – why should you have them?

Why should you get the plants for your working space?

Nature is not just the part of our lives – it is actually necessary for our functioning. This is why we shouldn’t be completely separated from herbs and trees, even when we are at work. Plants in the working space are the little part of nature among the glass, metal, and wood. Here are the few reasons why they should be in your office.

1. They look good

Although this is not the most important characteristic, it is for sure the most visible one. Plants, with or without flowers, could significantly improve the look of your office. Their green color can be the relaxation for your eyes. It is well known that watching the green leaves is kind of good rest after the long periods of working in front of the screen.

2. They clean up the air and provide the optimal humidity

Leaves of the plants can absorb some toxins from the air and get them to the roots, where it can actually become the part of the food. This is how the plants can reduce the amount of mold, carbon dioxide and other harmful elements in the office air. Releasing up to 97 percent of the water they get, plants bring the level of the humidity to the optimum. They are especially useful for the winters when the air is constantly dry because of heating. This doesn’t mean plants are bad for summer periods. By transpiration, they cool not just themselves but also the surrounding. This is the way how plants can lower the temperature in the working space. By purifying the air and humidifying it plants can decrease the number of sick employees (cold, sore throat, etc.) and increase the level of productivity.

3. They lower the noise

Plants are being used as the natural barriers for noise. The bigger and flashier their leaves are, the bigger is the possibility to make the environment more peaceful.
This characteristic is positive for employees because it can improve their focus.

4. They add the balance to strict business styles

Straight, geometric lines can become “softer” by using plants. This doesn’t appeal only to offices, but to any other space – all of them can be improved by using plants as a special detail or a contrast.

5. They reduce the stress

In employee’s mind, office plants are related to walks, nature, gardening…They remind them of the things they love to do in the free time. This is how workers become relaxed and more creative, which is beneficial for both them and the company.

How to choose plants for the office?

What kind of plants will you choose depends on your personal affinities – some people like exotic plants, while other prefer subtle ones. However, when it comes to choosing the plant for the office you must assure that it doesn’t become overgrown or/and makes a mess around itself. Don’t choose ones that will disturb you while working or moving around. Choose according to the size of the space, temperature, the kind of a light (some plants are totally OK with neon light!) but also the time an energy you can give to them. Many kinds of plants are undemanding but still able to completely refine any space.