Open or closed working space?

Open or closed working space?

More employees together in one place or each one in his/her own office – both of these kinds of work have their own specific characteristics.
If you are thinking about which one to choose for your company, this is what you need to know about them.

Open working space:

If you want something easy to maintain then open working space might be a good idea. It is easy to set up and change at any moment. There is no need to build the walls or screens, which makes this solution non-expensive. Open working space makes employees spend more time in standing and moving, which is healthier for them. Additionally, there are no barriers for natural light to get to every corner easily.

Of course, the type of business will affect your decision, too. Open working spaces are better for spontaneous conversations, informal work, and brainstorming. The cooperation has a higher level of quality in this kind of spaces, which is essential for teamwork because it is easy to ask for help. Employees can see how their manager works, which mean they can learn faster (this is especially important for trainees). Also, it is easier to contact managers if there is some problem because they are all together. Furthermore, managers can also find out more about their teams by carefully watching them work. Open working space focuses on equality and eliminates rivalry. This is believed to lead to higher efficiency. Just try not to let this already relaxed work atmosphere becomes too relaxed because the real work will not be the priority anymore.

Closed working space will provide more privacy for your employees. Confident phone calls and consultations will not be interrupted. Privacy is especially important in case there are introverts in your team. They need to be alone and feel secure in order to be highly productive at work. In an open working space, this kind of people has the unpleasant feeling that someone is constantly watching and evaluating them. Choose the space according to the nature of the team you lead. Standard offices with doors and walls provide more peace. The silence is necessary for some kinds of work and some types of people who can be completely focused only in silence.
One more interesting fact – some companies provide better and more beautiful offices to leaders and seniors. This is how younger workers have the specific reason to work more and harder – they can get the luxurious office with better equipment. If you would like to stimulate the employees in this way, think about closed working space.

Of course, the final decision depends on many other factors, including the personal taste. There is also a compromise – the part of working time employees can spend together in open working space and for the rest of it they can go back to their offices.