Millennium Yacht Award 2023: A Triumph for Open Catamaran

Studio News

The Open Catamaran project, a collaborative masterpiece, was crowned with the prestigious Millennium Yacht Award 2023 at SEATEC 2023 in Carrara.

The project’s success is a testament to the power of collaboration. It brought together the visionary expertise of Colnago Marine, the naval architectural prowess of Srđan Daković, and the creative brilliance of Salt & Water. Together, they crafted a luxury catamaran designed for daily voyages through the enchanting islands of the Adriatic Sea.

SEATEC, the Mediterranean’s singular event for technology, technique, and nautical sector components, annually bestows this coveted award. It recognizes not only the artistry behind yacht design but also the technical excellence that makes these vessels a reality.

The concept of the Open Catamaran was nurtured through a partnership between Salt & Water studio and the naval engineering prowess of Okus Mora. Colnago Marine, the shipyard responsible for its construction, breathed life into this maritime masterpiece.

What sets this achievement apart is that Salt & Water is now a two-time winner of the Millennium Yacht Award, a rare feat in the award’s two-decade history. 

Notably, the Open Catamaran competed among sea cruisers, vessels ten times its size, showcasing the team’s ability to stand tall even in the face of fierce competition.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of yacht design has once again been acknowledged on an international stage.