Transforming a Holiday House into a Living Space

Holiday house

The existing 60m2 cottage on the slopes of Fruška Gora, built in the early 1980s, needed expansion and conversion into a residential home.

With minimal interventions on the existing structure, we managed to incorporate three bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom into the existing space. On the site of the existing open terrace, we designed a new living space – a living room with a kitchen and dining area and an entrance zone. This space is designed to bring in plenty of natural light, preserve a fantastic view of the city and the mountain slopes, while providing coziness during the colder months.

Holiday house before and after

The client desired a contemporary-style house that also harmonized with its location. We chose to keep the existing part of the structure covered in stone from the surrounding area, while the new part incorporates a lot of glass, wood, and anthracite-colored details.

The house is designed to blend into the slope it sits on, creating a unity with the surrounding nature. Thanks to the gentle slope of the roof, the client now has a terrace where they can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature in the shade, easily connecting it to the living room by sliding doors.

Cottage house
Cottage house in stone with balcony.