To live close to the Sun

At the loft of one four-floor building in the most beautiful part of the city, we made a little bit of magic. We designed the interior of a spacious apartment. The whole space was arched designed, and our client wanted us to avoid all the arches in the final look. The final slopes didn’t affect the functionality. We designed aiming for this space to become an oasis.

A lot of sunshine enters the living room, thanks to the roof dome, portals, and skylights. Transparent barriers articulate the interior space and add a bit of openness. Empty, white walls make this room bright as well.

As a counterweight, a wall covered in shelves with different textures – wood, stone, metal, and glass is across. The dining room resembles peace and calmness. The color palette does the same – it includes white, black, grey, and wood color. Mostly rectangular shapes resemble neatness. The only contrast is the statue in curved forms placed in the niche made during the upgrade design. The furniture in darker colors allowed a lot of natural light.

The kitchen is fully functional. For example, the part of the closet with sliding doors is practical for storing all the appliances used daily. We used every inch of the space appropriately –  the lower part is for the working surface, and the upper one is for built-in appliances and storage space. It is practical to have two parts of the kitchen – one where a couple can have a quick meal and another one for more formal gatherings of more people.

The space is maximally used in the workroom as well. It is the place our clients spend a lot of time during the day, which is something we had in mind during the design. We did our best to provide optimal conditions for working in peace – the simple working table for two and a couch. There is a specific unity made of the closet and make-up table.

In order to have a pleasant everyday life, you need to have neat space. We included closets as special rooms where natural light comes through the skylights and improves visibility.

Six skylights in two lines are in the master room. This way master bedroom merges the sky and nature. The unusual thing here is the irregular geometry of the headboard, emphasized with lighting. One more extraordinary thing is the geometry of the wall across the bed. Our team balanced it with a specific combination of masses and shapes. We added the rug next to the bed, and it softened the place in both a tactical and visual way. Also, we contrasted the simple geometry with the picture on the wall shining with movement and joy.

The sculptural wall, effective and easy to maintain, is placed in the entry hall. Behind the cladding on the wall, there are the hidden laundry room and the entry to the toilet. The big window is Not only a practical thing but something that brings deepness to the space. The unusual part of the hall is the quadruplex of pictures placed into the cladding. The stairs leading to the apartment are private, so we decided to make the whole part of the wall face the apartment. It makes the space look bigger and more attractive at the same time.

Is living close to the Sun your dream as well? Contact us so we can refine your living space too.