3 smart interior features for every boat

3 smart interior features for every boat

There is no reason why your beauty shouldn’t be multi-practical.
Let us tell you how to upgrade the interior of your boat to the next level by showing three charming and practical solutions for various types of vessels (and their owners). So, read on and feel free to pick up what you find most appealing.


If modern age taught us anything is that, nowadays, you can carry your work wherever you go. Although this might sound like a heavy burden, many freelancers and entrepreneurs will tell otherwise.
This solution allows you to always be up-to-date with the progress of your collaborators, as well as make up your own working hours. Moreover, if you work as a designer or a writer, there is a good chance to get inspiration during a cruise. If that is a case, carrying a professional laptop can help you transform your ideas into a reality as fast as you can.
Although not exactly a yacht, a catamaran apartment is the most user-friendly sailing project we have ever worked on. Besides the usual itinerary, this vessel has a practical living room which can be easily adapted to the extra sleeping area. Behind the sofa is a working corner for people who can’t imagine their day without a laptop.


Another interesting idea is to add a little lounge area in the yacht interior. This is something completely different. Suitable only for true hedonists, not work-obsessed people we mentioned earlier.
Lounge chairs such as the one pictured below are perfect for experiencing a true magic of sailing, even at a high speed. This is a perfect room to relax, maybe read a little, and (apparently) enjoy the sunset.


Integrating a vine room into the boat’s interior is not a new concept. Yet, if you own a small vessel (whether for daily cruises on the river or on the open waters), this might be a good choice for you. Particularly if are a friendly creature by nature, who enjoys a taste of a good beverage.  
This can apply even to small boats for daily sailings. With just a few adjustments and the right enology equipment, this interior can be easily transformed to a small and portable “wine cellar”. Like all wine rooms, this one needs to accommodate a small group of people and to include a few elegant pieces of furniture.
Meet Barbara, a lovely lady, originally built for a royal family. We redesigned Barbara
as a small and attractive yacht whose interior has been completely transformed into a posh wine room.