Redesigning history: Complete makeover of the 40s tugboat

You have probably seen him towing other ships, dead boats, construction material and equipment, even garbage. Now, after a lifetime of hard work, this guy went on a well-deserved break!
This old river tugboat dates all the way back to 1948. It was the time when vessels like this one were mostly steam powered. The change happened in the 60s when diesel-electric drives were developed. Like most tugboats, Snežnik (or Mr. Snowy as we like to call him) is made of metal and even after all these years his construction is pretty solid.
With the interesting interior setting, easy maneuver, and pretty nice looks, the owner’s decision to turn this old working boat into a luxury holiday vessel was no surprise. Moreover, redesigning of old industrial objects became kind of a trend in the past few years, and we honestly believe no boat should ever be left behind.
Reviving Snežnik was a challenge, but the one we took with pride. We tried to interfere with the interior as little as possible, adding only necessary elements and keeping the design smooth and simple.
Snežnik is a river boat which can accommodate four guests for longer sailing routes through Europe’s busy rivers and canals. That means guest can check out every interesting spot along the way and still spend some quality time on the boat.  Snežnik has a salon, a wheelhouse, a sleeping cabin and a bathroom. The wheelhouse is probably the most interesting room on the boat since it has a small kitchen desk and a tiny secret door which lead to the sleeping area.
We are particularly proud of the new look of the deck since guests usually spend more than 80% of their sailing time outdoors. The open space on the stern is spacious and wide, it has a little marquee and a sofa. A folding table with chairs can also be found there, while on the salon’s roof is the wide sun bed.
At the moment, Snežnik is settled at the shipyard in Bezdan, Serbia and we can’t wait for him to hit the water again. We wish him a long, enjoyable retirement.
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